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Dedicated to Free Times founder Richard H. Siegel (1935-1993) and Scene founder Richard Kabat.

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Publisher – Andrew Zelman

Editor-in-Chief - Vince Grzegorek


Music Editor - Jeff Niesel

Senior Writer - Sam Allard

Staff Writer - Brett Zelman

Dining Editor - Douglas Trattner

Visual Arts Writer - Shawn Mishak

Stage Editor - Christine Howey

Editorial Intern - Emma Sedlak


Sales Inquiries - (216) 505-8199,

Senior Multimedia Account Executive - John Crobar

Senior Multimedia Account Executive - Shayne Rose

Creative Services

Production Manager - Haimanti Germain

Editorial Layout - Evan Sult

Staff Photographer - Emanuel Wallace


Business & Sales Support Specialist - Megan Stimac

Controller – Kristy Cramer


Circulation Director - Burt Sender

Euclid Media Group

Chief Executive Officer – Andrew Zelman

Chief Operating Officer – Chris Keating

Chief Operating Officer - Michael Wagner

VP Digital Services – Stacy Volhein

Digital Operations Coordinator – Jaime Monzon

National Advertising

Voice Media Group


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